James Groundwater Sustainability Agency

The James Groundwater Sustainability Agency (James GSA) was the first groundwater sustainability agency formed in the Kings Subbasin. The James GSA was formed by the James Irrigation District (James ID) and Reclamation District No. 1606 and covers approximately 29,051 acres. The James GSA is unique in that over 99% of the groundwater extracted within the James GSA is metered, measured, and reported. The James GSA is one of seven groundwater sustainability agencies formed in the 981,542 acre Kings Subbasin.

The largest groundwater user in the James GSA is James ID. The James ID covers 26,392 acres and serves all of the irrigation water needs for its landowners and growers. James ID has senior water rights on the Kings River and the San Joaquin River and has south-of-delta water service and settlement contracts with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation for Central Valley Project water. When surface supplies are not available or sufficient to meet demands, James ID will use groundwater.

The next largest user of groundwater in the James GSA is the City of San Joaquin which serves a population of 4,000. The City of San Joaquin relies solely on groundwater to serve its municipal and industrial users. Other groundwater users in the James GSA include rural residential users. There are approximately 35 rural residential wells in the James GSA.

The James GSA is authorized under SGMA to develop, adopt, and implement a groundwater sustainability plan for the sustainable management of groundwater in the western portion of the Kings Subbasin. The groundwater sustainability plan developed by the James GSA analyzes current and historical groundwater conditions and outlines a path forward to sustainability by 2040.